Campaign Platform

  1. Support of Agriculture

The 128th District, comprised of both Polk and Hickory Counties, consistently ranks high in both cattle and hay production. According to the USDA, Polk County is ranked number one out of 114 counties in the state for cattle and calf production. The USDA also reported in 2017 the average yield per acre of hay was 1.95 statewide. That same year, the average yield per acre of hay was 1.75 in Polk County and 2. in Hickory County. Clearly, the 128th District is leading the way in agriculture!

Because agriculture is part of our economic development and way of life, it’s important that we be proactive in the support and development of legislation that protects this important industry. Additionally, agricultural opportunities are critically important for the next generation so that they may continue to live and work family farms as well as start their own farming operations.

I am pleased to be endorsed and supported by the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association.

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  1. Further Economic Development

As your State Representative, I’m proud to serve as a member of Special Committee on Small Business. As a small business owner, I’ve invested in the local economy and betterment of the 128th District for over 40 years. I have a real-life understanding and appreciation for the business owner, small and large. Locally owned businesses provide jobs and support the 128th district through payroll and taxes. I understand the importance the responsibility of payroll and providing quality work for families.

The Special Committee on Small Business that I serve on has allowed me to be a part of conversations regarding industry that can be developed in the 128th District. I get it. We are working on legislation that opens up business development, keeps people employed, allows for a good wage and as well as for contribution to the local economy.  We need the strength of a diverse economic engine to preserve our way of life and provide opportunity now as well as for future generations.

  1. Education

As a product of public school, I believe in local control of school districts. I believe early childhood programs work and that local school funding formula allows for greater student achievement. Programs such as Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) are remarkable education programs allowing for a powerful, skilled workforce for future generations.